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Crime up

Crime up, only thefts, burglaries, down during pandemic

Mumbai:  Certain crimes in the city’s K-East Ward, reflecting trends all over the country, have gone down during the pandemic. According to Sahar

Happy international podcast day

International Podcast Day at SPICE

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Exploring the Psyche of Anant Chaturthi

Exploring the Psyche of Anant Chaturthi

The ability to eradicate obstacles is the most proficient quality associated with the elephant-headed Hindu deity, Ganesha. He is most energised to accomplish this

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Why is International Day of Peace Important?

What is peace? Peace is not quite the absence of violence, the absence of conflict, but the ability to manage


Taliban: The return of the Warlords

For years, the soil of Afghanistan has been soaked in blood by the Taliban. From 1996 to 2001, the people

The great tale of Covid-19 is an unending one.

The great tale of Covid-19 is an unending one.

Unending suffering and pain has it given, many loved ones has it taken and it is not yet gone. Perhaps

How an Advertising Agency Works

A day in a life of a Journalism Intern

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