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Six Years after Demonitisation

6 years after Demonetisation

It was the sudden, shocking announcement that first hit at 8 pm on November 8, 2016. At midnight, the Prime Minister’s voice intoned,

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Exploring the Psyche of Anant Chaturthi

Exploring the Psyche of Anant Chaturthi

The ability to eradicate obstacles is the most proficient quality associated with the elephant-headed Hindu deity, Ganesha. He is most energised to accomplish this

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Crime up

Crime up, only thefts, burglaries, down during pandemic

Mumbai:  Certain crimes in the city’s K-East Ward, reflecting trends all over the country, have gone down during the pandemic.

Indian Gaming

India’s golden decade of gaming is upon us

Sameer Ansari (22) lives in Andheri West and has been playing games, in a manner of speaking, for the past

How an Advertising Agency Works

A day in a life of a Journalism Intern

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