September 2021

Happy international podcast day

To celebrate international podcast day, our students share some of the work for the Media School Podcast. Anisha Choudhary on the importance of Meditation in your life Our PG in Journalism student Anisha Choudhary celebrates international podcast day by sharing the importance of Meditation in your life Mohit Soman onContinue Reading

World Rhino Day course

Assam will mark World Rhino Day — September 22 — with a special ceremony by burning a stockpile of nearly 2,500 horns of the one-horned rhinoceros. This was announced by the state Cabinet last week after weeks of ‘rhino horn reverification’ exercises by the Forest Department across the state. What is theContinue Reading


For years, the soil of Afghanistan has been soaked in blood by the Taliban. From 1996 to 2001, the people of Afghanistan were snatched from peace and freedom by the war between warlords and the Taliban. Many Afghans fled from their lands to seek refuge in neighbouring countries but itContinue Reading