A Local Train Rhyme

A Local Train Rhyme

In the everyday hustle and bustle,

And in the rush and the push,

I manage to get into a tussle,

My bag in hand with a Whoosh.

I stand with an intense gaze,

At one of the direction’s end.

In the shimmering morning rays,

My journey is a lonely friend.

Finger tapping on my thigh,

I wait in anticipation for it to arrive

My music beats, take me high.

That loud honk gets me Horrified.

The door stops

In front of my feet.

A crowd of disgruntled Mumbaikars

I am forced to Greet.

Banged and tossed

Ruffled inside,

My bearings lost,

I nearly cried.

My fast local runs

A few minutes late,

Amidst daughter & sons

In humidity, I’m forced to wait.

Fortunately, I get to stand at the door,

And the breeze caresses my face,

A simple thing, yet I crave for more.

Behold, I finally reach my place.

The crowd again walks me out of the train,

A smile on my face, as I finally reach

This entire ride wasn’t such a big pain

A train ride in Mumbai has a lot to teach.

Martina Bhoya
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