Hello and welcome to the student website and digital platform of St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education- The Spice Enquirer

It takes its name from the student newspaper, the Spice Enquirer, which we have been using as a print learning platform for our students in the Diploma in Journalism programme since 2012 when we started. It was meant to hone skills in writing news and features, photography, page design and Photoshop, and also served as a body of work for them to present to potential employers.

In keeping with its constantly-evolving pedagogy of theory applied to intensive practicals and the learning of media processes, St. Pauls believes in widening and deepening its academic-industry interface year-on-year. We have never been afraid to drop modules, introduce new ones and modify existing modules to reflect industry needs. And so the introduction of our television studio, then our broadcast production and last year, we added Podcasts to the curriculum. This is not just for Journalism, but the Advertising and PR students as well.

This year, in keeping with our belief that digital is the direction we must take, we bring you our digital platform. Created and designed to provide our students with a 360-degree media learning environment, the site is ready to go with content across platforms, text, video and audio.

It is meant to show the development of student skills in both content creation and tech handling. As the year progresses, hopefully, so will the students. And as they gain confidence in their skills, so will their presentations improve.

At the heart of this latest offering from St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education is the acknowledgement that the story is king, whether from the point of view of journalism, advertising or PR. And you will see from our Menu bar that we pay great attention to this aspect of communication. Whether news or features, ad campaign or PR, we are telling stories in a number of ways, using words, pictures, moving pics, sound, graphics.

At the Spice Enquirer the fun has just begun. And the good news gets better. Browse the site, test its features, and see how we can get better. We welcome contributions in text, audio and video. After all, to stay ahead, the website will only be as good as the stories we publish day after day.

Once again, welcome, join the conversation, add your own voice. Tell us your stories using the techniques that fit your content best. After all, you have nothing to lose but your inhibitions. And everything to gain.

Carol Andrade