All Set for 21st

As we approach 21st Oct, the polling day, schools in Kurla west are making sure that it’s a smooth ride for all. Sajid Ullah, Principal of Anjuman Islam Urdu High School, told us that, “The polling officers will come here on 20th October, and the school administration doesn’t interfere with their activities. They will arrive in the afternoon to occupy and seal the place, and no one is permitted to enter the premises,”

The school has reserved six classrooms for that day, whereas the election officers had asked for only four. Sajid Ullah says, “We always give the Election officers more than what they have demanded. We have also reserved washrooms for the female officials.”

All the teachers of Anjuman Islam Urdu high School are assigned election duties, and their responsibilities spread out as far as Malad and Thane. Even the non-teaching staff like peons and cleaners are a part of the election duties. They also conduct campaigns for parents and encourage them to vote. Being a school that does not favour a specific party, they do not permit flyers and posters to be stuck on school premises. 

Shruti Vanjare

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