Pramita Mohapatra

Pramita is a lifestyle blogger and has worked with over 150 brands. A successful model, she was also a Femina Campus Princess finalist, Reliance Trends style icon and TGPC multimedia winner. Besides this, Pramita takes a keen interest in entrepreneurship, debating & writing. Currently, she is pursuing public relations & corporate communications at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education. Her motto in life is to always be a good human first, work hard on your goals and never fear what life throws at you

Coffee with a Pinch of Salt VG Siddhartha

Are Modern Day Entrepreneurs Gullible or are the Tax advisors Shrewd? Respected Sir, I know things were never easy for you and that’s the harsh reality that every entrepreneur faces. You address yourself as a failure in your suicide note and I want to tell you, that I disagree. ThankContinue Reading