Shweta Khanna Bhandral

Shweta Khanna Bhandral is a Freelance Journalist, Content Creator (Broadcast, Print, Digital), a Google certified News Verification trainer and Fact Checker, Educator and a media literacy advocate. She is on the faculty of St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education (SPICE)

On the front line

Women correspondents covering politics, conflicts and news events for television channels face daunting odds but are driven by the desire to make a difference – By Shweta Bhandral ( Founder, The Future Skills Company & Journalism Faculty at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education) When stone-pelting began in north-east Delhi’sContinue Reading

Fighting Fake News

As a news verification trainer, spreading awareness among journalists and journalism students, I  have realised that spreading misinformation and disinformation has become an industry in itself. Though Google News Initiative (GNI) against fake news, in partnership with Internews and DataLeads, has trained 15,000 journalists and journalism students in the pastContinue Reading