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Agitated Mumbaikars both young and old gathered in large numbers near Gateway of India to protest against JNU attack that took place last Sunday, January 5. Loud chants of ‘Azadi’, ‘Inquilab Zindabad’, and ‘Hum Sab Ek Hain’, by the protesters echoed around the huge plaza in front of the GatewayContinue Reading

Protests Trough Paintings

Amidst all the protests and chaos surrounding the announcement of the Citizenship Amendment Act, there is a movement for artists to visually express what they really feel about the CAA, silently but strongly. Last Saturday, Artists against CAA gathered at Azad Maidan to showcase their talent as an expression ofContinue Reading

Bharat Jodo Gandhi Shanti Yatra

Former parliamentarians Yashwant Sinha, Shatrughan Sinha and  Suresh Mehta, former CM of Gujarat, announced a nationwide anti CAA NPR NRC Yatra last Saturday at Mumbai’s Press Club. Around 50 media personalities were present for this press meet. The Gandhi Shanti Yatra will begin at Mumbai’s Gateway of India on JanuaryContinue Reading

Mediathon 2020 College fest SE

MEDIATHON 2020 – FREEDOM FOR ARTISTS Mediathon is one of the best college fests in Mumbai open for all those who are looking to express themselves.  This year’s theme for Mediathon 2020 is #freedomforartists. We live in a society where artists are stifled from openly expressing themselves, in fact considering the current situation,Continue Reading

Voices from the CAA protest

Among the many students who attended the Kalina Campus protests were those from Delhi who are studying in Mumbai colleges. The way they were shouting slogans was an accurate indication of how angry they were at reports of Delhi police brutality, and they conveyed their outrage with gusto.  Faizal Sheikh,Continue Reading

student protest against cab

Against the background of the series of violent protests across the country regarding the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) 2019, Mumbai saw a peaceful protest conducted by over 1500 students at the Kalina Campus on yesterday. Protesters stood in solidarity with counterparts from other universities who suffered from police brutality,Continue Reading

Can corporates influence media?

“At first, political parties would publish what they wanted through their own mouthpieces. After Liberalisation of the economy in 1991, corporates, who earlier influenced indirectly through advertising, began owning media houses directly”, said R Jagannathan, editor of Swarajya Magazine, in a panel discussion held in Bandra last week. The discussionContinue Reading