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Mumbai, 06 Nov: Manoj Jarange-Patil, a prominent Maratha quota activist, recently ended his second phase of 9 – day indefinite hunger strike on November 2, after engaging in discussions with a government team. Jarange-Patil had initiated the hunger strike in support of the Maratha quota demand. During his strike, heContinue Reading

Mumbai Oct 21:  Mangroves stabilize shorelines, preventing erosion and protecting the land and the people who live there from waves and storms. The ongoing Mangroves Cleanliness Drive isn’t just about picking up trash; it’s about safeguarding these vital habitats. And when well-known personalities lend their power to this cause, itContinue Reading

Mangroves at Carter Road

Mumbai, 11 Oct: In a way, Mangroves represent the spirit of Mumbai – they are plucky survivors. Each day, millions of citizens in Mumbai pass these hardy plants along the coast, imagining they are little more than dirty, muddy weeds growing pointlessly along the shoreline. Nor can they be blamed.Continue Reading

A Thinning Crowd at King Khan's Mannat

Mumbai, Aug 8, 2023: Crowds were thin on the ground at Mannat—home of legendary Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan—on Monday morning. However, this is the norm rather than the exception, apart from the occasion of Eid or his birthday, according to a security guard, who refused to mention his name. AContinue Reading

Enhanced security at Salman’s Galaxy

By Team B (PG Journalism) Mumbai, August 08, 2023: Security at Galaxy, Salman’s residence has been strengthened since March and his fans are feeling the heat. How does one know? First, there are far fewer fans in attendance than used to be considered normal. Second, people in the area, evenContinue Reading

Six Years after Demonitisation

It was the sudden, shocking announcement that first hit at 8 pm on November 8, 2016. At midnight, the Prime Minister’s voice intoned, any 500 and 1000-rupee notes in your possession would cease to be valid. He knew it was going to hurt, but the country needed to do this,Continue Reading