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EVM Demo Machines

Electronic voting machines (EVMs) are magic machines that convert candidates into representatives. This magic depends on the number of votes counted on the EVM as having been cast in favour of a candidate. Candidates and people accepting the voting count as a representation of the people’s mandate depends on theirContinue Reading

Mahila Mandal Marathi and Semi-English High School

At the Mahila Mandal and Semi English School, just near Kurla station which leads into Assembly Constituency 174, teachers are busy with election duties rather than teaching. This is a similar story in all the government schools in the area Said the headmaster, Ashok, “Four classrooms have been allotted asContinue Reading

Aarey Colony Issue

With the Aarey Forest being cut down, the protests are getting intense. Activists all over came out to voice their opinion and fury over the matter. The Aarey forest is one of Mumbai’s most important ones. The situation at hand has been taken in control with the Supreme Court barringContinue Reading