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Beloved YouTube’ Favourite who use to make delicious meals on Granpa Kitchen, No More

Narayan Reddy who hailed from Telangana state, popularly known for the YouTube channel ‘Granpa’s Kitchen‘ breathed his last on Oct 27th. He was admired and respected by millions of food lovers across the world. 

The man started a channel on Youtube under the title Grandpa’s kitchen with the help of his son Shrikant Reddy on August 2017. The channel quickly catapulted to fame. It has garnered more than 6 million subscribers approximately. And the best part about it is the fact that the channel received immense love from Youtube viewers all around the globe, not just for the mouth-watering delicacies but also for the cause behind it.

There are so many homemade cooking recipes available on many streaming platforms. However, what makes grandpa so special is that unlike any other Youtuber, he started his channel just with one intention and that is to help the orphan community get a decent meal to eat. His sole purpose was to raise enough money to provide orphans with luscious feasts which is a liberty only for the rich. His son mentioned in an interview that every time he would come to the village during his vacations, his father would always prepare meals in bulk to celebrate the occasion. That’s when they decided to do the same for the benefit of the orphan community.

His videos soon went viral because unlike other chef’s, Reddy preferred cooking outside in the lap of mother nature, without any stove. His fluency in English also helped him garn a lot of attention from foreigners. His comment section is filled with comments from Indonesia, Phillippines, Poland, UK, etc. complimenting him for his work and addressing their agony towards his death.

His most distinguished recipes include 100 Maggi, Chicken Biryani, Oreo and KitKat mixed chocolate cakes, Giant Cheese Pizza, Red Velvet Cake, etc. All of these videos hit astounding numbers. He provided tips and techniques for making alluring food items such as KFC Chicken Popcorn, Oreo Milkshake, etc. at affordable budgets. 

He was a compassionate man with a willingness to help the needy. In today’s age where people are greedy in nature, this man devoted his life to rendering help to those who can’t afford it. His videos always promoted the tagline “loving, caring and sharing is my family”. 

Grandpa’s kitchen also has registered under the Patreon site to enable crowdfunding to provide students with all the essentials and send them gifts for their birthdays.

Fans from all over the globe addressed their anguish towards his death. Many of them conveyed that such an altruistic person changed all their pessimistic thoughts and inspired them to get embroiled in good deeds. 

It is a very sombre moment as a man with so much love and benevolence is no more.

Sooraj Nair Jayaprakash

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