On the front line

Women correspondents covering politics, conflicts and news events for television channels face daunting odds but are driven by the desire to make a difference – By Shweta Bhandral ( Founder, The Future Skills Company & Journalism Faculty at St Pauls Institute of Communication Education) When stone-pelting began in north-east Delhi’sContinue Reading

Government Ashram School at Dehre

Situated in the Jawhar Taluka in Palghar, the Government Ashram School at Dehre welcomes you with its vibrant walls adorned with the Warli paintings and artistic strokes of the Adivasi students that study here. The traditional stick figures playing the culturally significant Tarpa instrument or performing the Warli dance orContinue Reading

In the Warli mythology it is said that when God was creating mankind, he gave the Warli communities a plough, therefore, they became the ‘Kulambi-farmers’. This belief seems to run true for the people of Jawhar Talika’s Wangadpada village who devote their time and energy in cultivating crops for theirContinue Reading

The homes and nature centric lives of the Wangads of Wangadpada

Their cow-dung plastered wooden walls and hay-lined roofs… their traditional customs of keeping their cattle and livestock indoors… their livelihood avenues… their food… their religious beliefs… their toys and tools… Every aspect of the lives of Wangadpada’s Warli tribes reflects their age-old dependence on and reverence for the nature andContinue Reading