Don't forget

From nothing, to everything, From failing, to success Don’t forget where you’ve come from! From being Zero to being a Hero From being Fumed, to a bit of smirking Don’t forget where you’ve come from! From knowing your past, to forget about it completely ; From being Ignorant, to beingContinue Reading

A Local Train Rhyme

In the everyday hustle and bustle, And in the rush and the push, I manage to get into a tussle, My bag in hand with a Whoosh. I stand with an intense gaze, At one of the direction’s end. In the shimmering morning rays, My journey is a lonely friend.Continue Reading

The Devil Breaks a Virgins Heart

The eyes that contain enigmas of the universe written through their vicious fantasies, beneath the merciless tendency to bleed words, from wounds of bygones that haven’t had the privilege of remaining bygones. The yellow shirts and pastel scarves, the magenta bangles and their futile laughs, give away no whispers to the Sisyphean predicament —ofContinue Reading