Learnings from Classroom and On the Field.

This assignment has proven to be one of the most challenging tasks I’ve encountered so far in my life as a budding journalist. Ironically, it brought to mind the lyrics of a song that perfectly resonates with my struggle: “Kyun aage pichhe dolate ho, bhanwaro ki tarah, kyu dekhte hoContinue Reading

Makhdoom Shah Baba Dargah ahead of Dahi Handi competition

Mumbai, Sept 7: Not many people know this, but quite a few teams visit Makhdoom Shah Baba Dargah in Mahim, before heading for dahi handi competitions all over the city on Janamasthami. The teams participating seek blessings of Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Baba and then proceed for the competition. The Dargah,Continue Reading


Thousands of people gathered in Dadar, Ranade Road to celebrate Gokul Ashtami, a Hindu festival dedicated to lord Krishna. The pandals at different locations were set up by the members of the BJP party and invited different groups to come and break the handi’s with full enthusiasm. The handi’s wereContinue Reading

St Pauls institute student repord with Rana Daggubati

Mumbai, August 22 2023: Actor Rana Daggubati recently gave two interviews, back to back, to two television channels in the Title Waves bookstore.  Unwittingly,  he also provided journalism students from St Pauls Institute of Communication Education with clear lessons on what makes a good interview and the opposite. The interviewsContinue Reading