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Same-sex couple thrown out of a Chennai Hotel, allege Homophobic Treatment

Rasika  Gopalakrishnan and girlfriend Shivangi Singh’s had to face a harrowing ordeal at the Slate Hotels on Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Chennai on July 28. They have accused the hotel of homophobic treatment as they were asked to leave the premises for indulging in “inappropriate behavior”, which they have denied.Continue Reading

Coffee with a Pinch of Salt VG Siddhartha

Are Modern Day Entrepreneurs Gullible or are the Tax advisors Shrewd? Respected Sir, I know things were never easy for you and that’s the harsh reality that every entrepreneur faces. You address yourself as a failure in your suicide note and I want to tell you, that I disagree. ThankContinue Reading

JW Marriott Banana Fiasco: A PR Crisis

While Equador, the largest exporter of bananas was making strategies to defend its banana plantations from the infiltration of a deadly fungus, miles away in the opulent premises of JW Marriott, Chandigarh it was a different story altogether. Trying to find the link? Well it was the potassium rich fruitContinue Reading