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College kids learn how to register voters

Almost 200 students from city colleges attended the first training session in how to register voters for the coming elections, at St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education in Bandra yesterday.

Created, organized and executed by Project Mumbai, a think tank and non-profit NGO aimed at involving people in the affairs of their city to bring about positive change, this move titled Shambhar Takke Shaaii – the big voter registration initiative is unique in both size and outlook. It seeks to ensure that every citizen, who has never been registered as a voter, and every corporate citizen, who has not transferred his voter identity to Mumbai or the Mumbai Metropolitan Region, becomes a registered voter here.

The initiative is being carried out in partnership with the state election commission, Maharashtra. Other partners include Mumbai University, through which the student outreach became possible, and Rotary Club of Mumbai.

The students were trained in two batches, one in the morning, the other in the afternoon, and were drawn mostly from the NSS. Speaking to, Project Mumbai CEO and co-founder Shishir Joshi said that within the next two weeks, the first registration desks would be set up in colleges and the voter registration drive would begin.

Nor does Project Mumbai stop here. Joshi explained how the drive would be taken to corporates and housing societies and could also be addressed to individuals through their website You can also watch him explain the initiative here.

Carol Andrade

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