Enjoy the small moments

Enjoying The Small Moments

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A child on the street delighting in licking a lollipop that has been gifted to him feels so heartwarming. That smile comes straight from the heart, it is just too pure and extremely contagious. One could never forget it. We all live such a 24×7 hectic scheduled life. We forget about these minor important aspects of life. Take this moment, just to reflect upon enjoying the small moments. Our generation is filled with go-getters, people building upon unrealistic dreams and as we know it, the “bigger picture”. To sum it up, every individual is running behind success blindly.

But life is not only about success or a final destination, or people that you encounter along the way. It’s about giving that underprivileged kid a reason to smile, it is about offering something as small as a packet of Oreo biscuits or a frooti. A smile may not be the only curve in one’s life (with endless frowns and oh- aging) but definitely, the one that can give one immense joy!

A small moment in life could be watching an animated movie once watched as a kid, on a chaotic Saturday night or, frying yourself some pakoras’ on a gloomy rainy day. It could be a day where you just want to relax like a couch potato and leave your bed only when the Zomato delivery guy rings your doorbell.

Small moments are endless, each individual has a different definition to their small moment. Imagine, just sitting on your brand new sofa, in your own house, and suddenly reminiscing on ‘Try Everything’ by Shakira, a song from Zootopia the animated movie. All that nostalgia kicks in, and with the nostalgia a big smile on your face, There! There my friend is your small moment.

We are so super busy making content and adding variations of colors on Canva that have to be sent to our clients, we unknowingly put our own personal happiness into Black & White. I say, revamp your color palette, no more hues, tints, and tones. Just the ordinary sky blue color that made you happy, or that painting (in class 5 that you couldn’t complete, because, time up!) which reminded you of your favorite color as a little child, IT ALL BEGINS WITH YOU. And these are the 5 words that will always motivate you to make that first ‘small step’.

Because small + small= big, and that equals the size of the smile on your face, right now. So go ahead and buy that packet of Oreo or that lollipop and give it to that cute urchin and experience his moment of pure happiness. What is stopping you?

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  1. Well written and well articulated. It brought a smile to my face and I can’t wait for more. This is my small happy moment. Keep it up!

  2. This is purely beautiful!?
    I love it soo much!!

    1. Thank you. I really appreciate it.

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