Evil has a face, says Krish Dhanam, motivational speaker

Evil has a face, says Krish Dhanam, motivational speaker

“When you look at the scourge of human trafficking and the lexicon of words that was given to it, whether it was bonded labour, whether it was prostitution, whether it was slavery, whether it was sex trafficking, whatever it is, one thing you’ll very quickly understand is that evil has a face. But what do you do about it?” said motivational speaker Krish Dhanam.

Dhaman was speaking at the Harmony International Conference 2019, that was held at  the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) ,in Mumbai last Saturday. This was on the eve of the Mother Teresa Memorial Awards, an annual feature organised by the Harmony Foundation on the theme of Youth Against Slavery.

Speaking to a largely youthful audience, Dhaman said he strongly believed that “when skill and will come together, one will become a 24-hour champion”. Using his own life as an example, he described how his parents were married young. His mother was 13 years old, a child bride. She had just completed her 8th grade. Yet, she did a Masters at 77, just a year before she died. And his father completed his Ph.D. at 83 years of age.

In other words, despite their marriage being a product of tradition, they made a difference to their own lives.

He resigned from a high paying 17-year-old corporate job to set up his own training company. About it he said, “I was looking through my window, at all my success, and the words of God Almighty appeared on my simple heart. ‘I made you famous, now it’s my turn.’ I went in, resigned, started a foundation and today, for six months in a year, I work in a corporate space because I have the skills to make a living. But for the other six months, I go and train the underprivileged in other parts of the world. ”

Click on the audio below to listen to his speech: 

Written and contributed by Journalism students Laveena D’Souza and Harsh Mahatme

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