Fragile Handle with care

Fragile. Handle with Care

We dance at clubs to forget life a little.
We talk about sunsets to believe in something.
We play the music at full volume to escape the confusion.
We hit that goal in football, to feel some goals can be reached.
We sit at cafes to watch the world go by.
We love deep conversations but run away from them.
We go to empty libraries to believe there’s still magic out there.
We want forevers but run away from the now.
We run in the sand to still feel like we’re 5.
We say “It’s cool” But mean “It isn’t”. We buy teddies to still feel safe.
We look for a living but what we need is a life.
And maybe, like things, people too should come with a note attached.

“Fragile. Handle with care.”

Because we all get lost just before we can be found.

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Krystelle Dsouza

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