Indian pet care industry booming

Pet owners think the sky is the limit for their spoilt dogs and cats.


Mumbai: According to Jude Rao (16), a resident of Andheri east, his pet Rottweiler Tyson starts his morning by brushing his teeth with his TRIXIE Double-Sided toothbrush from Heads Up for Tails, loaded with VIRBAC C.E.T. Enzymatic dog toothpaste, after which he eats his breakfast – scrambled eggs with carrots and PETZO Balanced Protein Supplement (Added with Vitamins and Probiotics). Tyson then goes for a walk for 30-minutes and once he is back, he is then massaged with ESSENTIA EXTRACTS Dog Massage Oil for keeping itchiness and ticks away. The product also Controls Hair Fall and Fungal Infections!

After a short nap of an hour, Tyson is taken for a bath, when he is shampooed with his customised Bling on The Shine Shampoo and then conditioned with My Coat Can Gloat Conditioner by Captain Zack. After his bath, he is dried up with a Foodie Puppies Suede Material Ultra-Absorbent Bath Towel and then sprayed with Captain Zack Blueberry Clafouti Flavoured Dog Cologne. To prevent his paws from getting rough, they are massaged with Pawsitively Smooth Paw butter for 5 minutes. And his grooming session ends with his nail trimming with HANK Pet Nail-Claw Clippers and de-shedding with HANK Dematting Comb. Including his other vitamins supplements and treats, his monthly expenditure is almost Rs. 40,000.

The sales of pet care products in India have soared along with the number of animal adoptions and ownership of pets in the past three years of the Covid-19 lockdown. Many people are willing to spend more on their pets than on themselves, a trend that is helping pet care companies to create products that are benefiting them as well as the pet owners.

According to the India Pet Care Market Overview (2021-2026) report, “India’s pet care industry is expected to grow at a value of INR 7,500 crore by the end of this period, on account of rising nuclear families, double-income households, change in lifestyle, urbanization, and increasing pet ownership.”

Social media has also played an important role in the increased demand for having pets and treating them with proper care. Instagram and Facebook have Ads that popularise these products by showing the pros of using them through the medium of reels and videos. Services such as home spas have also become very famous in these past few years, as pet owners are very particular about the way their pet looks for photos and videos to be posted on social media sites and also when they go on their daily walks.

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