Happy international podcast day

International Podcast Day at SPICE

To celebrate international podcast day, our students share some of the work for the Media School Podcast.

Anisha Choudhary on the importance of Meditation in your life

Our PG in Journalism student Anisha Choudhary celebrates international podcast day by sharing the importance of Meditation in your life

Mohit Soman on Positivity in the Country

Mohan Soman celebrates International Podcast Day by talking about focusing on the positive events that are taking place in India. With so much negativity all over, we all need a little dose of positivity. Listen to what he has to say

Sahil Shaparia on Is Social Media Making Us Happy- The Media School Podcast

Prachi Bhatnagar and Dipti Sharma on Mythology Through the Lens of Journalism | Mythological Podcast

In this episode, Prachi Bhatnagar and Dipti Sharma, explore the interesting relationship between mythology and journalism. An interesting perspective of the relevance of mythology in the context of journalism is a factor discussed in-depth in this mythological podcast.

Niyati Chawla, Haimi Jariwala and French student, Justine Braive on India: The Melting Pot of Food, Culture and Travel

n this episode, our students Niyati Chawla, Haimi Jariwala, and French student, Justine Braive talk about how India is indeed, a melting pot of different, mouth-watering dishes and vibrant cultures.

Justine talks about her experiences in different states of India during her stay, while Niyati and Haimi suggest some must-try dishes and must-visit places you just cannot miss out on!

Join us on this episode to see which restaurants, dishes, and places you have visited and which you must try out.

A review of Mirzapur and Netflix’s Rajma Chawal 

In this captivating episode, our students, Manasvi Narwani and Mridushi Jain break down the storyline, cast, and of course, the good, bad, and the ugly of Mirzapur, the 2018 web television series, along with Netflix’s Rajma Chawal.

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