Its a Tough Fight in Chandivali

Its a Tough Fight in Chandivali

The Chandivali seat of Mumbai North Central constituency has 28 candidates up against each other. Out of these 28, 4 belong to major parties. These 4 candidates are Md Arif (Naseem) Khan, the sitting MLA from Congress, Dilip Lande, a Shiv Sena Corporator, Sumeet Baraskar, from MNS and Siraj Khan from Aam Aadmi Party.

Speaking to the local residents of Chandivali, one could sense that the favourite candidate is Arif (Naseem) Khan from Congress.

From Raju Khobragade, an auto driver, Alam Khan, a garage technician to Vijayan Pillai, a businessman, all support Khan. Speaking to Spice Enquirer, Raju Khobragade said, “Khan Sahab has been working very hard and very well for us. There is no chance we can even think of voting for anyone else.”

Vijayan Pillai echoed Khobragade’s sentiments adding, “Khan is above any racial or political biases. He is easily approachable and readily available.” Khan is known to help people in their need and that has made him popular in the area. “He has always been there to solve everybody’s problems. My friend went there twice with his problem and he helped him. Khan is a good man. I’m going to vote for him.” says Alam. 

When we asked about other candidates in the area, Piyush Solanki, another resident said, “I don’t have any idea about other candidates. I only know Khan.”

Chandivali State Assembly elections

Though Sunny Dharvesh a Shiv Sena worker who’s family has been supporting Shiv Sena since his grandfather’s times. Said that “Shiv Sena is what I have grown up seeing.” Another Shiv Sena worker Nileshwar Singh said, “I can sign on legal documents and make a guarantee that ‘Lande Ji’ will win.” 

Written by Journalism students Harsh Mahatme & Sister Laveena Dsouza

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