Lockdown lifestyle: Reason to be happy?

It is an unexampled experience for all Indians during this lockdown period thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of us are going through a  rough phase and are finding it challenging to deal with the sudden change in lifestyle. Since the number of corona patients is soaring in Maharashtra, nobody believes the government is going to lift the lockdown anytime soon.

Many families share a love-hate relationship. For several Indian families, the concept of personal space is alien. So whether or not they are nodding feverishly while watching news cautioning against the risks of an outbreak, the very idea of practicing ‘social distancing’ inside the house, within the members of the family, is heretical to them.

For this very reason, many of us who are in quarantine with their family members are starting to feel irritated with the entire arrangement. Rather they were with friends, or by themselves, as critical the continual presence of a parent, a sibling, an aunt, or a grandparent.

The thing about family is that you simply cannot do with them, and you can not do without them. There must be a balance, just a pinch of it, otherwise, the full concoction can go off beam. Right now, unfortunately, the balance is askew.

In a way, this lockdown has brought everyone together as one. But, prefer it or not matters is probably going to stay unchanged within the days to return. There’ll be more barging in, more arguments, more missing home and feeling lonely, and what one can do is learn from this experience so that they don’t rip one another apart, or bury themselves in worry.

The lockdown has taught us to evolve, upgrade, and be resilient to alter and overcome the challenges. Not most are lucky to work out another day nor will we get an opportunity like this to be at home with people we love. Life and its chapters will grow but we’d like to adapt to positive and later thinking to suit the fonts of the book. The alternatives of being bold or simply normal are left to you. Mother Earth will survive with or without us.

Let us learn to unlearn and acquire reintroduce our true selves so we can walk out after the lockdown as new people into a healthy world with new challenges and experiences.

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