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School teachers defend…Innovation is nurture, not nature!

St Teresa’s Institute of Education, S V Road, Santa Cruz West, Mumbai was host to an array of principals, teachers, managers of education, teacher-trainees, and experts from the field of education on November 20, 2019.
The occasion served as a platform to school educators  from Boards across Mumbai,  to showcase innovations in their institutions. They shared their success stories and supported them with substantial evidence.

The purpose was to portray how each school customized education beyond the prescriptions provided by the Board they are affiliated to; in a bid to meet social relevance and the real need. In other words, elaborate on practices that are distinctive and have a unique justification and specific value-addition. It also provided an opportunity to bust the myth that novel initiatives need heavy funds. Being shortlisted to be part of this celebration, was itself prestigious for the participating schools.

Technology has placed us in an era where intellectual initiatives are volatile and subject to quick transfer. It is therefore imperative that any novel initiative is quickly validated by an external agency in order to give the initiator the credit that is due. This can be done only when the initiative is documented and placed before a panel of peers and experts. This is precisely what the event served to achieve.

The Institution with Distinctive Status Award 2019 was conferred on Muktangan Education Trust. The quality initiatives of this paper were presented by their teachers, Ms. Rekha Srinivas Padala and Ms. Lata Naresh Bitlunga.
St. Stanislaus High School, Bandra was awarded the 1st Runner Up position; Ms. Sabita Menezes and Ms. Dorris Patton enlightened the panel on their school strategies. Ram Ratna International School, Bhayandar, winner of last year’s award, was adjudged 2nd Runner Up; Ms. Shaila Pandey provided insights through the paper she presented.

Dr. Sheela Philip, Organizing Secretary, is certain that “the ideas and sparks that stemmed from the deliberations will resonate in classrooms across the Boards. Every participating school – winner or not – contributed to the repository of noteworthy ideas. It takes courage to present before a learned audience.”

Dr. Joan Lopes, Organizing Secretary added, “This is our contribution to encouraging schools to face the uphill task of setting international standards in education”. Principal Dr. Sr. Tanuja Waghmare stated, “My institution is committed to raising the ‘How’ aspect in education”.

Krystelle Dsouza

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