Extornist arrested in south bombay

South Bombay Wine Shop Owner traps 121st Extortionist

Four men entered a liquor shop on Sidhwa Road at Fort last week posing as political party members. They asked the staff if they had their license and other documents.

Unfortunately for them, they did not realize that the owner of the store, Ashok Patel, 65, had already nabbed 117 individuals — including income tax officials, cops, and government officials from various departments — for extortion in the last 25 years.

CCTV camera shows the extortionist trapped by the wine shop staffers

On Tuesday, one of the men returns back to the shop to collect ‘hafta’ (bribe) of Rs.7 Lakh from the owner, however, Patel and his staff literally trapped the culprit in the shop by locking the doors from outside and calling the police control room.

The Marine Drive police arrived and arrested Rajendra Wagmare, a Dadar resident and following interrogation, his three accomplices were also captured, taking Patel’s total count of trapped extortionists to number 121.

“The four men had been asking for ‘hafta’ of Rs.7 Lakh and a few wine bottles. I am an honest taxpayer and I don’t indulge in illegal activities, so why should I pay them? I kept bargaining with them and on Tuesday, they thought they could make a final deal,” said Patel, who is the president of the Fort Merchants Association.

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