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After the Scrapping of Article 370

Within the last week, the entire country is going on and on about the ‘unconstitutional’ and ‘deceitful’ decision taken by the Indian Government to end the special status of Jammu & Kashmir through the abrogation of Article  370. The Central government sent over 30,000 troops to tighten security in theContinue Reading

Project Mumbai

Almost 200 students from city colleges attended the first training session in how to register voters for the coming elections, at St. Pauls Institute of Communication Education in Bandra yesterday. Created, organized and executed by Project Mumbai, a think tank and non-profit NGO aimed at involving people in the affairsContinue Reading


On August 5, what seemed to be just another day in the breathtakingly beautiful valleys of Kashmir, everyone went about their regular chores. Children went to school, others went to work on their daily duties, the security forces may have been a little more visible but even that was normal.Continue Reading

H and M Monkey Business

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you might have heard H&M, the Swedish multinational clothing-retail company known for its fast-fashion clothing and apparels faced humongous backlash for its recent ad campaign. They faced criticism for an online advertisement featuring a young black boy in a sweatshirt with the phrase, “coolest monkey in theContinue Reading

Same-sex couple thrown out of a Chennai Hotel, allege Homophobic Treatment

Rasika  Gopalakrishnan and girlfriend Shivangi Singh’s had to face a harrowing ordeal at the Slate Hotels on Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Chennai on July 28. They have accused the hotel of homophobic treatment as they were asked to leave the premises for indulging in “inappropriate behavior”, which they have denied.Continue Reading


The India–Pakistan cricket rivalry is one of the most intense sports rivalries in the world. The tense relations between the two nations, resulting from bitter diplomatic relationships and conflict that originated during the Partition of British India into India and Pakistan in 1947, the Indo-Pakistan wars, and the Kashmir conflict,Continue Reading