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Coffee with a Pinch of Salt VG Siddhartha

Are Modern Day Entrepreneurs Gullible or are the Tax advisors Shrewd? Respected Sir, I know things were never easy for you and that’s the harsh reality that every entrepreneur faces. You address yourself as a failure in your suicide note and I want to tell you, that I disagree. ThankContinue Reading

Make Your choice Campaign by McDonald's

The right to choose is one of the most fundamental ideologies that plays a vital role in democracy. Take that away and any sense of freedom immediately crumbles. Imagine a scenario, where your freedom to choose is relinquished for a day and no matter what you choose, another governing force decidedContinue Reading

JW Marriott Banana Fiasco: A PR Crisis

While Equador, the largest exporter of bananas was making strategies to defend its banana plantations from the infiltration of a deadly fungus, miles away in the opulent premises of JW Marriott, Chandigarh it was a different story altogether. Trying to find the link? Well it was the potassium rich fruitContinue Reading

Why was the Faceapp Trending

Opening my Facebook as part of my routine, I realized that my newsfeed was inundated with friends and acquaintances who seemed suddenly to have aged.  Rather drastically. Was I in a self-induced coma? Did I time travel like one of those sci-fi movies while I was asleep? Or am IContinue Reading