Sushant Singh - Social Media Irrelevant

Sushant Singh thinks Media has become irrelevant

Sushant Singh, actor and activist, was at the Gateway of India on Monday, lending support to the students protesting against the violence at JNU in Delhi  on the previous night. Speaking to Spice, he described the police apathy in the face of a brutal invasion by armed and masked men as “inhuman and cowardly, and shameful for the government, the administration of the University (JNU) and the Delhi Police.”

Refusing to pull his punches, Sushant answered a question on whether the police inaction would result in more and more people coming out against the government, and the media carrying less and less about it, with a stinging retort.

Sushant Singh: Media is irrelevant

“See, media has actually become irrelevant in today’s time. They might think they are relevant, but social media is much more powerful. They also end up picking out headlines from social media. You can see on Twitter, the IT cell of BJP had to face a resounding defeat in recent polls. So media may choose to do whatever they want to.”

He added, “And as far as the government is concerned, if the questions and the anger of the public, who actually voted them to power, doesn’t affect them, then we have a problematic government.”

Did he feel he had paid too high a price for protesting when he was removed from the television series Saavdhaan India, seemingly because he joined a protest at Kalina Campus of Mumbai University in mid-December?

Sushant said, “I think nothing about it and I don’t even speculate. It was terminated for whatever reasons, they might know better. My personal life is really of no consequence and the issue (of CAA) is much bigger than this. So I don’t think about what happened.”

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