For years, the soil of Afghanistan has been soaked in blood by the Taliban. From 1996 to 2001, the people of Afghanistan were snatched from peace and freedom by the war between warlords and the Taliban. Many Afghans fled from their lands to seek refuge in neighbouring countries but itContinue Reading

Amazon forest fire

The largest tropical forest that produces over 20% of the planet’s oxygen kept burning for three weeks and yet did not receive any mainstream media coverage. With the advancement in technology and growth of digital media, what is astounding is that an international crisis such as this went unnoticed forContinue Reading

Same-sex couple thrown out of a Chennai Hotel, allege Homophobic Treatment

Rasika  Gopalakrishnan and girlfriend Shivangi Singh’s had to face a harrowing ordeal at the Slate Hotels on Khader Nawaz Khan Road, Chennai on July 28. They have accused the hotel of homophobic treatment as they were asked to leave the premises for indulging in “inappropriate behavior”, which they have denied.Continue Reading