Tata CliQ’s Innovative Ad Campaign Strategies that led to Success

Tata CliQ’s Innovative Ad Campaign Strategies that led to Success

It all began with a fresh coat of new paint for the website that Tata had first launched back in 2016. Vibrant colours from brights of yellow to soft eye-pleasing purples with also a touch of blues and greens! Tata Cliq came up with a great new DNA and brand identity for itself.

As the title goes by CliQ and not Click, Tata went on to add a little jazz to their style to make it more appealing and hip for the ever-fashionable modern-day consumer. They matched their DNA with the tastes of the millennial era.

Along with what they wanted the consumer to see, Tata also had road mapped what they wanted the consumer to hear. So, they began with great slogans for the brand, stressing on that one word, ‘CliQ’.

Captions like “It’s Terrifiq when everything in my home Cliqs!” to “When my home takes care of me it’s Fantastiq” followed by “Love the Cliq life!” made the brand more appealing and unique.

Initially there were just two major categories in the market i.e. retailers and e-commerce market places. The e-commerce section were dominated by  big players such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.

So, getting a strong foothold in the market, Tata Cliq with a refreshing solution, introduced a new model called “Phygital”.

“Phygital” blends the best of physical i.e. the offline store floor, with the shopping benefits of digital shopping convenience.    

The new Tata Cliq began its advertising campaign with their first ad “Buy a C.A.M.E.L. – Certified Authentic Merchandise Everybody Loves”. #GetTheOont. It’s a #SureThing. 

This ad was a big hit and a huge breakthrough for the company as the video received over 12,240,346 views. The protagonist of the campaign is a camel. The reason for using a camel for the digital campaign is that everything one buys on TataCLiQ.com is a C.A.M.E.L, i.e. Certified Authentic Merchandise Everybody Loves. 

By this policy, the brand’s message is clearly stating “We Only Sell Original Products, No Fakes!”. It is here that the brand focuses on winning the trust of new customers and gaining their loyalty over a period of time.

The campaign began in full force coupled with dishing out attractive offers to consumers like Rs.5000 off on their next four orders,  up to 60% off on apparels like shoes & much more.

Taglines like, “Tata Cliq: Shop online with India’s most trusted destination.” & “Buy Brands you love at prices you want!” further strengthened the Tata Cliq’ focus on quality products from trusted brands.

Tata Cliq further expanded its campaign beyond TV to various other social media platforms on the internet like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube. It was here that these powerful platforms provided a stage for Tata Cliq to widen its target audience by interacting with their consumer base.

Tata Cliq uses Influencer Marketing

Tata Cliq leveraging the power of influencer marketing also roped in Gadgets 360 tech guru Rajiv Makhni in a Q&A session on YouTube. Makhni gives his ideas on designing futuristic homes by using Tata Cliq features smartly. By this, it further impacted the “Love the Cliq Life” slogan favorably. The video has already garnered 14,402 views in a fortnight.

A Solid Digital Strategy was the Main Focus   

As part of the race to gain market share, Tata Cliq directed its focus on digital strategy. Tata Cliq used services from computer software company Adobe, such as Adobe Experience Cloud which offers a personalized digital experience for each consumer that uses Tata Cliq’s website as well as their mobile application.

Tata Cliq used software solutions such as Adobe Media Optimiser, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Campaign, and Adobe Target to make their website attractive and user-friendly.

According to VP for Digital at Tata Industries, Sauvik Banerjee, the usage of Adobe Experience Cloud brought an increased consumer conversion rate by 40% and a significant decrease in operational costs.

 Tata Cliq created a personalized advertising campaign using Adobe’s software to interact with their customers on a personal level.

This is seen as part of Tata Cliq’s long term vision of using digital media to gain market share and to reduce operational costs.


The decision of Tata Cliq in their ad campaign leveraged Digital Influence on consumers and tapped the focus of social e-commerce to target a larger audience. This effectively grew its market share and significantly reduced its operational costs.

The watch out of this ad campaign would be to see the reaction from the competitors and the maintenance of their quality and service to consumers.  While the current scenario is conducive to the current strategy of Tata Cliq, they must bear in mind that market conditions are dynamic and so back up plans must be put in place to achieve sustainable growth.

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