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The protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act have gradually made its way to the Gateway of India and has been going on since midnight on 5th January. People have been turning up in large numbers to show their determination and dedication to protest against the act along with chanting slogans at the top of their lungs.

In the midst of all the commotion, there are some people providing food to the protestors, making sure they were well fed, hydrated and also provided with warm clothing. Such was the case of Siraj Tai, the Vice-President of the Royal Foundation Welfare Society, who also took the initiative to serve free packets of biscuits, samosas and tetra packs of water.

According to him, “Right now, the government that has is in power is trying to break the unity among the citizens of the country. Despite this, we are still showing them that our unity is unbreakable.” Tai considers it a duty to help the generation that is willing to raise their voice against the wrongdoings in a country. And not only was he helping the protestors but was also offering food to the police officers that were keeping the protest from getting out of hand.

He also added, “The youth and students from various places have been really hard working throughout the protests and as they have stayed the night, so did we, to support how courageous they have been and to provide them with food and drinks.”

As the protest continued, a lot more people came forward with packets of biscuits, sandwiches and even fruits, till the time came when those who had come out to fight, had to throw up their hands and say “enough”.

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