The great tale of Covid-19 is an unending one.

The great tale of Covid-19 is an unending one.

Unending suffering and pain has it given, many loved ones has it taken and it is not yet gone. Perhaps it may be us who falter and such consequences force us our needs to alter.

Looking around at all we have today, it is quite visible that nature really works wonders. If it is a savior, then it is a healer too. It is the best pure medication that we are served. Having Covid affect us was a turning point in all our lives, as it showed us our glitches and faulty behavior towards nature. Having the lockdowns come into effect, we all got to see the harm and unbearable losses we have given to Mother Nature. It also came as a huge surprise to see Mother Nature evolving in an excellent way by not having us humans around!

Nature damaged by humans heals itself in their absence. It is clear that nature does not require us, but it is we who require nature. This is the greatest break nature has received from us all. Post Covid all our recoveries need to focus on nature strictly.

This poem is about nature and the ongoing pandemic. It also speaks of how we all need to work as a whole on the protection of nature.

The Great Tale Told

The nature at last is almost healed,

This is the best that happened on field.

Things in such a way need to finally be sealed,

So that no one ever breaks this unbreakable shield.

Humans now begin to fear,

Death and illness however approach near,

It seems to be almost finishing our living sphere,

But we have nature always to our rescue here.

Torn and tortured, by us it stands,

Provides us humans its best helping hands,

Because of us, it itself in problem lands,

It doesn’t let our way ever strand.

Why and how much will it bear?

If we ourselves do not seem to care,

It’s already providing us our living air,

Shouldn’t we have it the best way spare?

Unlikely this is the harshest truth,

We gain and bear our own fruit,

We always seem to take the wrong route,

And often land ourselves into huge dispute!

It is always about us and has forever been,

To destroy nature, we are always so keen,

It somehow seems to fit in all our genes,

But protecting it we all were never seen!

One alone can work uncountable wonders,

That can happen when we reduce our blunders

Together, we can be the best,

As it is unity is just merely a law of large numbers!

Time and again nature wins,

Do you not wonder if it sins?

Don’t doubt, as it is the purest rinse,

Among us and all the other ordinary skins.

Put it before you, then watch and see,

It is always one among the busiest bee,

It never decides to run or for its life flee,

Joining hands with it – is its only plea.

Join hands because it requires a team,

A team who is positive even with the slightest light beam,

Working together with nature

It will be such a fascinating dream

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