The slum near Government colony are angry and vocal.

The assembly elections of Maharashtra are taking place today. The Slum at the government colony in Vandre east broke their silence about the ongoing politics. They have been staying there for years and are facing a lot of problems. There is no proper arrangement for staying, no proper water facilities, toilets and hospital facilities.

Even after they cast their vote the government hasn’t done anything for them. Despite being responsible citizens of the country, the question arises whether the government is also being responsible and if they will look into the matter to end the suffering of the people. As we spoke to the women there, they voiced a lot of their problems.

There is no one who will listen to their voice and no one to speak up for them. Will the new MLA bring about change or will it be the same endless cycle of suffering for them? These women have a very heart-breaking story of their current situation. The present MLA promised a better life for them but hasn’t put his words into actions.

Written by Annet Anandraj and Martina Bhoya

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