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Interview Thapki Ki – Jigyasa Singh

Jigyasa Singh is an Indian television actress from Jaipur, Rajasthan, prominently known for her roles in multiple shows like ‘Thapki Pyaar Ki,’ and ‘Dev 2.’ She is extremely passionate about her profession and we had the opportunity to interview her about her personal life, career and the quirky-lesser-known sider of her.

What made you so passionate about acting, and pursue it as your career?

Well, I consider myself fortunate enough to have been bitten by the acting bug! An actor can express himself or herself; change the audiences in unimaginable ways and make them forget about everything for a while. Evoking emotions from strangers as they sit before their televisions by making them cry, laugh, angry and generally entertain them with the performance, is the essence of acting. As an actor, I always try to drive myself into investing more, and honestly, it is liberating to know that I haven’t been asked to do this. I know, and I feel it within myself all the time.

Moreover, for me, nothing feels better than waking up in the morning and looking forward to my day. It’s tranquil to think of how I would be in a room full of people who are following their passion unconditionally and knowing that I am one of them. I’ve always wanted a medium where I could tell people the best stories most innovatively and creatively possible, and that’s what my passion is all about!

How do you balance your professional and family life? Are the dynamics satisfactory?

In my opinion, “You can’t do your job if your job is all you do.” It is important to find a balance between both. Pursuing a career in acting means constant hard work, inconsistent pay and an unrelenting devotion. It requires a tremendous amount of patience from your family because any amount of fame can cause strains in relationships. Also, the loss of privacy that fame brings along, is not easy to handle. However, the nature of this career strains and challenges relationships, especially when it comes to vital necessities as time, energy and dedication. 

To balance my family as well as professional life, I have made a few rules and I try my best to stick to them. I always make time for my family even if I’m shooting all day or night and try to escape on a short vacation whenever I am not shooting. And of course, I have the most understanding family!

What is your best memory, before stepping into the field of acting?

The best memory would be my days of Zee Cinestars Ki Khoj,’ where I met so many beautiful and talented actors that gave me the boost I needed, to pursue a career in this field.

Among all the roles that you have played, what has been your favourite to work on so far? How was it different from the rest?

Come on, you can’t ask me to choose one eye over the other! Every character that I portrayed is like my baby, but yes, I feel the closest to Thapki from ‘Thapki Pyaar Ki’ since I worked on it for a long time.

You are an inspiration to millions and even have an international fan following. Does it get overwhelming and pressurizing to keep up with the expectations of so many people?

Firstly, I feel extremely blessed and thankful to God for this life and to experience it. The exposure, the unconditional love of my audiences, appreciation, fame and so on. Having such a fan base is very overwhelming because people look up to you every day for almost everything!

I believe one should enjoy the limelight and attention, but also be aware of the responsibilities that come with it. I ensure to always understand that with these expectations, my responsibility to deliver better and better each day increases. Whenever a show becomes a hit, we are under the pressure to give something even better to the audience the next time. We need to accept that nowadays people are extremely choosy, and they have a diverse understanding of the taste of almost everything! They can judge what is good and bad, well. Therefore, it becomes a huge responsibility to bring out something very extraordinary for them.

How supportive have your parents and friends been towards your acting career?

To be honest, I wouldn’t be where I am today if my friends and family weren’t supportive enough. I am what I am because of my parents, friends and now my audience! They have all been extremely supportive, loving, caring and sensitive about almost everything.

What are the social issues that drive you to make a difference? 

In the present day, there are several social issues like poverty, child labour, scarcity of water, illiteracy, the prevalence of superstition, bullying and harassment at work. I strongly believe that to change the world, you must first begin that change within yourself. 

Tell us something quirky about yourself that a lot of people aren’t aware of.

Well, I love to sing, travel and enjoy all kinds of adventures. I wish I could learn gymnastics though! Also, I love the rains.

What are some of the difficulties you faced through the course of your career and how did you overcome them?

Acting is all about pushing and challenging yourself and learning a lot about people as well as your self. It is no different from any other profession which requires a great amount of hard work and determination. If you know the craft and core of your profession, you can overcome every difficulty and that’s exactly how I made it through.

What is your advice to the young generation and especially to the ones who aspire to become actors themselves?

Just be patient. Don’t run behind fame or get overly excited whenever a prospect presents itself. Wait for the right opportunity, stick to your roots and remember to be humble and honest in every circumstance. Embrace failures with a smile and, encourage and motivate yourself through them!

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  1. Very good interview, all questions is Perfects. I know with Jigyasa Singh because she is famous in Indonesia also. Jigyasa Singh often appear on Indonesian Television also, ex Pesbukers Show. Good luck for you Sis!

  2. Great interview. Very interesting.

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