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JW Marriott Banana Fiasco: A PR Crisis

While Equador, the largest exporter of bananas was making strategies to defend its banana plantations from the infiltration of a deadly fungus, miles away in the opulent premises of JW Marriott, Chandigarh it was a different story altogether. Trying to find the link? Well it was the potassium rich fruitContinue Reading

Why was the Faceapp Trending

Opening my Facebook as part of my routine, I realized that my newsfeed was inundated with friends and acquaintances who seemed suddenly to have aged.  Rather drastically. Was I in a self-induced coma? Did I time travel like one of those sci-fi movies while I was asleep? Or am IContinue Reading

The Devil Breaks a Virgins Heart

The eyes that contain enigmas of the universe written through their vicious fantasies, beneath the merciless tendency to bleed words, from wounds of bygones that haven’t had the privilege of remaining bygones. The yellow shirts and pastel scarves, the magenta bangles and their futile laughs, give away no whispers to the Sisyphean predicament —ofContinue Reading