Voices from the CAA protest

Voices from the CAA protest

Among the many students who attended the Kalina Campus protests were those from Delhi who are studying in Mumbai colleges. The way they were shouting slogans was an accurate indication of how angry they were at reports of Delhi police brutality, and they conveyed their outrage with gusto. 

Faizal Sheikh (25) Student at Kalina University campaigning against the CAA

Faizal Sheikh, (25) one of the students, was angry that CAA was already passed. He was angry about the fact that a citizen of this country might now have to prove that he or she is from India. “Being an Indian I feel bad for the people who are going to suffer due to this. If you call it a ‘Hindutva Desh’, where will all the Muslims go? What wrong did we do to the country? And then there are tweets stating that Muslims don’t have to worry about this bill.” 

Saahil Kejriwal (25) from Guwahati

Having completed his college in Delhi and taken part in several protests since then, Saahil Kejriwal (25) from Guwahati, said, “People are very backward in their thinking. Why are they so threatened by the police? People who are here have a particular point of view.” He further stated, “The CAA is pure bullshit and unconstitutional because it separates a particular community from the state and also goes against religion. I also hope the government changes its attitude towards the act.” He fully supported the protest and was happy to add to the number of protestors. 

Written by journalism students Samara Fernandes and Annet Anandraj

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